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New house… No closets.


Moving is always stressful… The packing, the grunt work, the organization. It’s probably my most hated and loved thing, all at once. While it forces me to purge all of my unwanted goods, it also makes me get creative as to how I’ll decorate, arrange and organize all of my treasures.

All of my favorite pieces are finding their way into cardboard boxes and tupperware bins. It’s kind of wonderful. I’ve found so many F/W items that I forgot about.

My new house is a mere two blocks away from my current apartment.. so the grunt work is a fraction of what it could be. The house is 200 years old and has a ton of character so the decorating will come organicly. The organization part seems to be my current worry. A girl with a LOT of clothing and no closets in her bedroom… It seems to be an ongoing issue with places I live and I’ve yet to make the best use of my space in my current place.The new one will be different. I promise you!

I’ve been seeking out ideas for storage. Scouring for DIY closet ideas and searching craigslist for vintage wardrobes/clothing racks. Frustrating stuff… My only ideas so far are to build a clothing rack like the one my buddy Michael built out of pipes…
or to hang chains from the ceiling and display my items boutique style..
I get the keys to my new place on Saturday. Let’s hope this all falls into place. Updates on the status of my items coming soon.

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  1. 08/27/2010 5:54 PM

    i have a friend that has also gone the pipe/clothing rack route. he is very, very organized and anal retentive so it looks good. that would never work for me. if i were you i’d buy a wardrobe with doors that shut! ❤ you

    • 08/29/2010 5:13 PM

      I’m pretty organized and crazy about my clothing so I think it’ll look okay! I’m just worried about having enough space.. even with under bed storage, the rack i have, 2 dressers and a pipe rack.. i might need more. Maybe it’s time to purge even MORE! haha.

  2. 08/30/2010 1:28 AM

    The chains and hangers idea is really really cool! I also love Mike’s pipe wardrobe. Very clever.

    I’ve cheated and just taken up square footage that wasn’t enclosed as closets with armoires via Craigslist.

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